Celebratory Vessels

All are dishwasher and microwave safe. Fired in our wood fired bourry box kiln.

(Prices include shipping)

Butter Dish with Diamonds

5.5" tall, 6" wide, 3" deep. Embossed geometric shapes on this unique box, thrown on the wheel and handbuilt. Matte surface with wood ash glazing on exterior, celadon glazed interior.


Rectangular vase

7.75" tall, 4.25" wide, 3" deep. Dark clay, thrown and handbuilt, matte slips create vertical stripes, with a moon-like white shino glazed circle on both front and back. Shino glaze on interior too.


Teapot with squares

Rustic teapot with hand-inscribed design. Serves about four cups of tea. Not for your ladies tea circle--more for tea around the fireplace with herbs you've gathered yourself that day--stinging nettle perhaps. Unglazed exterior, glazed interior. 9" high, 6" wide.


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