Drinking Vessels

All are dishwasher safe and microwave safe. Fired in our wood-fired bourry box kiln.

(Prices include shipping)

Gold Mug with Leaves

Stoneware mug with three-fingered handle. Subtle leaf decoration under golden glaze made from the ashes in our homestead woodstove. Just the right size mug for your morning rituals. Two available. 4″ high, 3.5″ wide.


Striped Coffee Pour-over

Porcelaineous stoneware with striped shino glaze decoration. All you need is a filter and some coffee grounds to turn hot water into a cup of coffee! Fits any mug with an inside rim dimension of 2.5-3.5,” but it looks great with the mugs listed above (no pressure). Metal basket handle with clay bead. 5.5″ high, 4.5″ wide, brews about 8 oz per cup. 2 available.


Square cup with buds (SOLD)

4″ tall, 3″wide, holds 10 oz. Celadon with print of actual tree buds on two sides, dark clay on the other two sides. On the bottoms, random letters assigned! 4 of similar size/color available.


Square Cloud Cup

4.25″ tall, 3″ wide, holds 10 oz. Two similar cups, both with pale green/grey celadon glaze, embossed with cloud shapes on front and back, sides plain. White clay. Signature of fire on the feet. 4 similar available.


Mug with Leaves (SOLD)

4″ tall, 3″ wide at rim. Holds 14 oz. Matte surface with embossed leaf/branch all the way around. Generous handle. Pale blue celadon or pale yellow/cream glaze interior. 7 similar available.


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