Earthen thoughts at Lent

This Lent season our thoughtful new pastor challenged us to think of some of Jesus’ “I am” statements in the Gospel of John and write responses to be read aloud at weekly evening services. Always one to love an assignment, I dug in. These concrete sayings of Jesus began to feel like they were meantContinue reading “Earthen thoughts at Lent”

On Leaving the City

October, 2016 As I write this, we’re embarking on what will hopefully be our last winter in the city before moving to the Woods. Many people we’ve talked to think we’re crazy to even consider this, so I’ve been thinking a lot about why we’re leaving and if we are, indeed, crazy. We’ve lived 13Continue reading “On Leaving the City”

On Faith, or, Why We Do This

If you’re curious about how a Christian ended up living in the woods as a bona fide tree-hugger, read on. Read also Joel Salatin, who calls himself a “Christian libertarian environmentalist capitalist lunatic farmer,”and provides a great apology for those apparent contradictions. And while I don’t label myself exactly that, let me add my voiceContinue reading “On Faith, or, Why We Do This”