One Year into Bicycling the Laundry

April, 2019 That’s right. I’m still pedaling our laundry, a year later. To be clear: not the same load of laundry I started pedaling a year ago, but a year’s worth of four people’s dirty clothes, biked clean and hung dry three times a week. Wait…that sounds just a touch heroic. For me, it’s simplyContinue reading “One Year into Bicycling the Laundry”

Doing Laundry by Leg (Not by Hand)

May, 2018. As we’ve continued to look closely at our lives, at the daily needs we can provide with the labor of our own hands, it was only a matter of time before we took a good long look at our washing machine. Or, to be specific, our laundromat habit. I had grown uneasy withContinue reading “Doing Laundry by Leg (Not by Hand)”

Home-Grown Sugar

April, 2018. I look forward to maple sugaring season like a child looks forward to Christmas. So pardon me if I wax poetical about the mysteries, the vagaries, the brutalities, the unfathomabilities that are the maple syrup season. For me, the significance of maple syrup season is not, in fact, those jars of sticky goldContinue reading “Home-Grown Sugar”