How Not to Build a Floor

September, 2017 The posts and the rafters are cut, the pies are made, everything is ready to raise the house…except the floor. Our working surface all summer has been a sheet of plywood over the substantial beams of the foundation. But since this is Wisconsin and we don’t want our feet to freeze to theContinue reading “How Not to Build a Floor”

Notching the Ceiling Joists (and Finishing the Frame!)

September, 2017 Before we move on to talking about ceiling joists, I wanted to get in a few more images of the posts and tie beams. They’re way more poetic than ceiling joists. On to those ceiling joists. I guess I’m not as excited about them because they didn’t come from our woods. We boughtContinue reading “Notching the Ceiling Joists (and Finishing the Frame!)”

Timber-framing (With Bugs)

Aug, 2017 Picture this: you enter the woods in August. You’ve put on long pants, boots, and a hat, because you know the bugs can be bad. Also, it’s August and the weather is hot and still, so you can’t bear to put on long sleeves. You wear a T-shirt and, throwing your principles toContinue reading “Timber-framing (With Bugs)”

Notching the Timbers

July, 2017 I know it’s been a long time since I posted (in fact, I’ve begun to refer to this site as an “occasional” blog) but I refuse to apologize. Life has been a little full lately, is all… While the kids and I have been settling in to the Firehouse, making the apartment aboveContinue reading “Notching the Timbers”

Screen House Living

April, 2017. Before the building season begins, it’s time for a little reminiscing… It was March, 2010, a month before our second child was due, and J. and I were determined to spend a romantic weekend on our brand new (to us) woodland in Wisconsin. We had a tent set up, which we imagined as our base camp fromContinue reading “Screen House Living”