On Leaving the City

October, 2016 As I write this, we’re embarking on what will hopefully be our last winter in the city before moving to the Woods. Many people we’ve talked to think we’re crazy to even consider this, so I’ve been thinking a lot about why we’re leaving and if we are, indeed, crazy. We’ve lived 13Continue reading “On Leaving the City”

On Faith, or, Why We Do This

If you’re curious about how a Christian ended up living in the woods as a bona fide tree-hugger, read on. Read also Joel Salatin, who calls himself a “Christian libertarian environmentalist capitalist lunatic farmer,”and provides a great apology for those apparent contradictions. And while I don’t label myself exactly that, let me add my voiceContinue reading “On Faith, or, Why We Do This”

An (Almost) Disaster

October, 2016 The seasons have changed and the weather has cooled enough to fire the kiln again. The summer was incredibly wet, so we were a little dubious about the wood supply, which, though ample, had lain uncovered most of the summer. It wasn’t exactly growing mushrooms, but it was damp. OK, maybe there wasContinue reading “An (Almost) Disaster”

A Floor, Part 1

Summer, 2016 Unless you have personally dug 32 holes in the ground and filled them with concrete that you’ve mixed with your own shovel, you cannot fully appreciate the joy of working above ground, with wood, on work you can see. But I’m sure you can imagine J.’s elation to be cutting wood with hisContinue reading “A Floor, Part 1”