Firing the Bourry Box Kiln

December 1, 2017 A tiny reprieve in the weather has allowed me to get one more firing in before the deep-freeze of winter sets in. I thought I’d let you tag along for a firing and peek over my shoulder to get a glimpse of the glamorous life of an artist. I glaze all myContinue reading “Firing the Bourry Box Kiln”

Pour-over coffee mugs

November 2017 I know you’re waiting with baited breath to hear about the progress we’ve made on our house since the grand frame-raising in September, but that’s not in the cards for this post. Movement on that front has stalled just a bit, so you’ll have to wait just a bit for an update. Hint:Continue reading “Pour-over coffee mugs”

In the Meantime…

December, 2016 Following our most optimistic schedule, we have two years before our little house in the woods will be ready for living. How can we continue to maintain our city house so far away from the one we are building? How many times do we have to pack up and drive for an hourContinue reading “In the Meantime…”

An (Almost) Disaster

October, 2016 The seasons have changed and the weather has cooled enough to fire the kiln again. The summer was incredibly wet, so we were a little dubious about the wood supply, which, though ample, had lain uncovered most of the summer. It wasn’t exactly growing mushrooms, but it was damp. OK, maybe there wasContinue reading “An (Almost) Disaster”