A Floor, Part 2

November, 2016 A curiously warm autumn has allowed us to work later into the year than we expected. We find ourselves working outside in short sleeves in November, and we’re not usually those folks, those wacky folks who wear shorts all year around (That’s you, Rich W…). It is, in fact, warm or not, theContinue reading “A Floor, Part 2”

On Leaving the City

October, 2016 As I write this, we’re embarking on what will hopefully be our last winter in the city before moving to the Woods. Many people we’ve talked to think we’re crazy to even consider this, so I’ve been thinking a lot about why we’re leaving and if we are, indeed, crazy. We’ve lived 13Continue reading “On Leaving the City”

A Floor, Part 1

Summer, 2016 Unless you have personally dug 32 holes in the ground and filled them with concrete that you’ve mixed with your own shovel, you cannot fully appreciate the joy of working above ground, with wood, on work you can see. But I’m sure you can imagine J.’s elation to be cutting wood with hisContinue reading “A Floor, Part 1”

Building a Foundation

July, 2016 We could no longer put it off: the time had arrived to put in the foundation of the house. Because we’re doing this ourselves, a full basement is out of the question. Also, throughout our entire property, according to the county soil survey, the distance to bedrock is estimated at 6 inches toContinue reading “Building a Foundation”