The House-Raising

Sept. 30, 2017 The day dawned bright and clear, the exact day I had imagined when we first said the words “house-raising” to each other. The day before, I had joined J. in the woods for the final preparations. In short, we had to reconstruct the four “bents” from the timbers lying like pickup-sticks allContinue reading “The House-Raising”

How Not to Build a Floor

September, 2017 The posts and the rafters are cut, the pies are made, everything is ready to raise the house…except the floor. Our working surface all summer has been a sheet of plywood over the substantial beams of the foundation. But since this is Wisconsin and we don’t want our feet to freeze to theContinue reading “How Not to Build a Floor”

Notching the Ceiling Joists (and Finishing the Frame!)

September, 2017 Before we move on to talking about ceiling joists, I wanted to get in a few more images of the posts and tie beams. They’re way more poetic than ceiling joists. On to those ceiling joists. I guess I’m not as excited about them because they didn’t come from our woods. We boughtContinue reading “Notching the Ceiling Joists (and Finishing the Frame!)”

Screen House Living

April, 2017. Before the building season begins, it’s time for a little reminiscing… It was March, 2010, a month before our second child was due, and J. and I were determined to spend a romantic weekend on our brand new (to us) woodland in Wisconsin. We had a tent set up, which we imagined as our base camp fromContinue reading “Screen House Living”

In the Meantime…

December, 2016 Following our most optimistic schedule, we have two years before our little house in the woods will be ready for living. How can we continue to maintain our city house so far away from the one we are building? How many times do we have to pack up and drive for an hourContinue reading “In the Meantime…”